Sesquicentennial News, Monday 11 January 1864

Monday, 11 January 1864

Senator John B. Henderson of Missouri proposed a Joint resolution in the U.S. Senate abolishing slavery throughout the United States by amendment (the Thirteenth) to the Constitution.

Two blockade-runners were captured off Florida and two others forced ashore and burned off Lockwood’s Folly Inlet, N.C.

Federals scouted near Lexington, and a two-day Union expedition operated from Maryville up the Little Tennessee River, TN.

The two vessels dispatched three days ago from the Roebuck to secure Jupiter Inlet, returned this evening, escorting the Confederate sloop Maria Louise, whose cargo includes 3,000 pounds of Sea-Island cotton. This vessel was captured on January 10, two miles from the inlet. On the persons of the captain and passengers were found $725.95 in gold and silver, three gold watches, and $240 in Confederate notes.

Governor Milton informs the Confederate Secretary of War that the sheriff of Washington County has defected to the Federals.

The USS Honeysuckle captured the British schooner Fly today in the Atlantic about a mile off Jupiter Inlet. Because she is off course according to her papers and since there is some question about her manifest she is being taken into custody.

Flag Officer Samuel Barron, senior Confederate naval officer in France, reported to Secretary Mallory that he had placed Lieutenant Charles Morris in command of the CSS Florida, relieving Commander Barry who was in bad health.  Florida had completed her repairs and performed well on a trial run.  CSS Rappahannock was also under repair.

USS Minnesota, USS Daylight, USS Aries, and USS Governor Buckingham forced blockade runner Ranger aground at the Western Bar of Lockwood’s Folly Inlet, SC.  Salvage was impossible due to Southern sharpshooters so Ranger was destroyed by naval gunfire.  Aries also found blockade runner Vesta beached and in flames.  Vesta had been chased the night before by 3 other Union vessels.

The USS Honeysuckle captured the blockade running British schooner Fly near Jupiter Inlet, FL.

The USS Roebuck captured the blockade running British schooner Susan near Jupiter Inlet, FL.

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